10 Beautiful Pergolas Perfect for Small Backyards


The backyard is an area behind the house which is usually used as a garden and also a private relaxing area. The relaxing area in the backyard will be very nice if it has a pergola that will shade your relaxing spot. You can design the pergola according to the space in your backyard, it doesn’t have to be large. For some pergola ideas for your small backyard, check out the article below on Stunning Pergola for Small Space in the Backyard.

1.Small pergola

This small pergola looks beautiful by using an elegant black color. An additional few chairs and tables were placed neatly with the warm lighting of the lamps neatly mounted on the roof of the pergola.

2.Private backyard

If you like a shady pergola, use a covered roof, and this will make the furniture in the pergola area last longer because it is not exposed to intense sunlight. This pergola design will be very suitable to be placed in your small backyard with a private and calm feel.

3.Small deck and pergola

This additional deck in the backyard can create a separation between the pergola area and the green garden area. To give it a fresh look, you can use vines on the poles and roof.

4.Pergola with hanging plant

You can maximize a quarter of the backyard with a relaxing area that uses a pergola. This pergola addition can be complemented by hanging plants and some lights to maximize the decoration and make the garden look more beautiful.

5.Beautiful backyard in white

This beautiful pergola has a dominant white color and makes it look more clean and elegant. Not only the pergola material, but also other furniture in the same color. You can place it in a small backyard, so it doesn’t look flashy.