30 Stunning Raised Bed Ideas For Your Garden


When I started Rooted Garden, my vegetable garden design company, I thought that designing a vegetable garden was like putting a wooden box in the middle of someone’s garden (and if they had a lot of space, we’d make two boxes). It didn’t take me long to discover that gardens, like houses, can actually come in many different styles, sizes and layouts.

After designing hundreds of garden areas, I’ve narrowed down my favorite designs to the top six that I think work well in spaces, both functionally and aesthetically. These six garden design layouts include: border gardens, twin gardens, garden trios, keyhole gardens, four garden classics, and formal potagers.

The size and shape of the garden space that you have available plays a big part in deciding what the best raised bed garden layout is for you. Today we’re going to focus on my favorite – the four-garden classic.